The story of OliverMartin began with two brothers: Oliver and Martin, and their clothing.
Both of them have always loved racing cars, dinosaurs, all kinds of ghosts and so on – and the more realistic, the better.
Based on their wishes, we must have visited nearly every website out there and explored countless children’s clothing stores while travelling the globe.
However, there was always something missing – either the quality wasn’t up to standard or the fabric was boring or too babyish.  
So we started looking for the right fabrics, bought sewing machines, and started sewing.
When the first T-shirts were finished and I saw the boys’ reaction, I knew what had to be done – take it a step further and set up shop.
While the idea has taken a bit of time to realise (around 4 years), the final result, I hope, is only better for it.
We are glad that you have found us and will do our best to make sure you are always satisfied.

 Fun, fine, full of life - OLIVERMARTIN